Container Terminal

Thanks to several years’ experience gained in container transportation and in various logistic fields, we are able to fully understand our customers’ needs and problems and the best solutions available to them.

Main services available:

Handling of all types of containers

Monitored warehouse

Repair and cleaning of containers

In-house storage and trans-point service

Computerized container management and online connection with several Italian ports

We therefore offer a lean, fast and above all punctual service.

The wide range of semi-trailers allows us to be flexible and to be able to meet all our customers’ needs. We use a varied and technically state-of-the-art vehicle fleet, with safe container management from departure to final destination (port/terminal).

Containers of any length (20′ 30′ 40′ and 45′) and with any type of configuration (box; flat, tank, open top, high cube, etc.) can be transported and stored without any problems.

We have 2 reach-stackers for handling full containers capable of lifting up to 45 tons, as well as other lifting equipment for empty containers.

Import and export customs operations for containers are also carried in our service area.

Customs office of Verona

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