Accuracy in VGM Weighing
at Turati Park Container Terminal

Welcome to Turati Park Container Terminal, your reliable partner for VGM (Verified Gross Mass) container weighing.

We offer specialised services to ensure the correct weight of goods transported by containers, complying with international regulations.

VGM weighing is an essential requirement in containerised transportation, and at Turati Park Container Terminal we are committed to ensuring accurate compliance with this important standard. We are leaders in logistics, with a focus on correct containers weighing and compliance with global standards.

Services we provide:

Certified VGM Weighing: we offer a certified VGM weighing service, ensuring maximum accuracy and reliability in declared containers weights.

Regulatory Compliance: we strictly comply with all international regulations and guidelines for VGM weighing, including SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) standards.

Operational Efficiency: thanks to a highly efficient process, we ensure fast and accurate weighing, minimising the impact on your shipping time.

Professional Support: our team of experts is available to provide advice and assistance at every stage of the VGM weighing process, ensuring smooth and accurate handling.

Advantages of choosing Turati Park Container Terminal:

Reliable Experience: with years of experience in logistics and VGM weighing, we are your reliable choice for any containerised transport needs.

Cutting-edge Technologies: we use advanced technologies to ensure accurate weighing and efficient handling, enhancing your overall experience.

Customer Satisfaction: customer satisfaction is our priority, and we work to exceed your expectations through high-quality and professional services.

Choose Turati Park Container Terminal for accurate and reliable VGM weighing of your containers. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and receive a customised estimate.

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