Safe Storage and Compliant
with Hazard Class Regulations

Welcome to Turati Trasporti, your reliable partner for the safe storage of different hazard classes goods. We offer highly specialised storage services that comply with current hazardous goods regulations.

Our commitment is to ensure that our storage is always in line with hazardous goods regulations, to guarantee the safety of all those who work with us and the products themselves. Thanks to our extensive experience in handling hazardous substances, we are able to find customised solutions for each customer, meeting their specific needs effectively and reliably. Safety is our top concern, and we strive every day to ensure it. Thanks to our experience and ongoing commitment, our customers can rest assured knowing that their goods are in good hands.

Our Services in Brief:

Safe Storage: We put safety first, ensuring that goods are stored safely and in a controlled manner.

Regulatory Compliance: We strictly comply with all applicable regulations for the correct storage of the various hazard classes.

Advanced Technologies: We use state-of-the-art technologies to constantly monitor the storage and ensure goods safety.

Expert Advice: Our highly competent team provides advice and assistance to ensure safe and efficient handling of hazardous substances.

Advantages of choosing Turati Trasporti:

Proven Experience: thanks to years of experience in the industry, we have acquired a solid reputation for professional and safe handling of hazardous products.

Optimised Logistics: thanks to efficient logistics, we guarantee fast and efficient storage and delivery times.

Understanding each customer’s storage needs is a fundamental part of our work, because only by knowing them can we create tailor-made solutions that fully satisfy everyone. We are aware that each customer has different and unique requirements, so we provide personalised and professional advice to fully understand the various needs and offer storage solutions that are as suitable as possible. Our goal is always to offer the best possible solution that ensures maximum efficiency and safety over time. Contact us today to discuss your needs and receive a customised estimate.

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