The warehouse in Colognola ai Colli is spread over an area of 36,000 sq. m. of which 10,000 sq. m. are covered; all surfaces are authorized to store dangerous goods.

It is managed by qualified and properly trained personnel, and it is equipped with software devices that allow to efficiently and rationally manage the different aspects of Logistics, Traceability and Management of hazardous materials.

Large warehouses are offered to the customer for the temporary and continuous storage of goods: this includes the possibility to compile transport documentation [DDT (Delivery Note), CMR] using network-integrated software for the inventory tax management. The warehouse management is carried out via RFI with batch traceability, dates, deadlines etc…

Our company provides widespread distribution of goods throughout Italy and specialized management of chemical products, especially agrochemicals, according to the Legislative Decree No. 105 of 26 June 2015. The company is subject to a higher threshold Notification for quantities of products stored in the warehouse.

In summary, it provides:

Taking charge of material and label printing
Loading unit with production batch traceability
Material storage in different warehouse areas
Optimization of the picking itineraries
Collection from the warehouse and also by means of the picking procedure based on customers’ orders, which interfaces with our management software
Batch transmission and vehicle route management
Different quality controls when picking and loading materials onto vehicles

Best technologies coordinate the different stages:

WIFI linked computer terminals
Link to company IT systems

Reliability, expertise, management services and security systems help choose a qualified partner.

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Magazzini per stoccaggio merci pericolose ADR Verona decreto 105/2015 Seveso III